The burgeoning gaming industry, the ever-evolving automotive sector and the display industry as a whole are demanding new technology that will enhance a user’s experience. Fiber optic faceplates are rapidly becoming the solution of choice.

Changing the Shape of Displays

Fused fiber optics can be used to take a conventional display (predominantly flat and square), and produce an image that was historically unattainable. Producing virtually any display shape imaginable is now possible. By bonding INCOM fused fiber optics of different shapes and sizes to your conventional display you can customize it to have any outer geometry imaginable; circular, triangular, or even a star.

Complex and Simple Curves

Another feature of INCOM’s fused fiber optics is the ability to produce a curved display surface. For 30 years INCOM has machined convex and concave curves for such systems as military night vision and heads-up displays. INCOM not only produces these curves to tight tolerances specified by the US military but also in a high volume repeatable efficient process that allows our customers to have the ultimate advantage of cost and performance. By bonding an INCOM fused fiber optic to your conventional display you can customize the viewing surface. A curved display (spherical, cylindrical or complex) was previously impossible with a standard display, but is now an option!

Fiber Optics Enable
 Seamless and Dynamic Digital Displays

INCOM’s fiber optics transfer an image from one surface to another, allowing for programmable digital displays with tactile feedback. The fiber optic image conduits visually enhance the user interface by providing the ability to block high-angle ambient light and simplify complex systems of numerous displays for numerous buttons. Each key’s appearance and mapping can be changed at will, meaning that devices like keyboards can be customized for different languages during each use, and machines like casino gaming systems make it possible to change anything from a dynamic image to currency values at different points during the day. This technology has been used in high-end audio mixing equipment, casino gaming, military tanks, and is also applicable in heads-up displays for military aircraft, where cockpit information is focused at infinity and projected onto the pilot’s visor.

Incom’s fiber optic faceplates are used in casino gaming systems.

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