About Us

About Us

Innovation and Market Leadership

INCOM has over 150+ employees and more than 90,000 square feet in two facilities. As the world’s leading manufacturer for commercial rigid, fused fiber optic faceplates, tapers, and microwell arrays, INCOM offers its customers both experience and expertise. Our advanced technology supports researchers, scientists, and instrument makers in the dental, medical, life science, scientific, homeland security, and defense industries.

The diverse applications of INCOM products highlights our wide-ranging customization capabilities, from 200mm tapers (the world’s largest) to microcapillary array plates with capillary pitch and internal diameter manufactured according to customer specifications.

INCOM’s manufacturing teams:

  • Use 25 material combinations
  • Order 100 tons of glass at a time
  • Draw over two billion miles of fiber per year
  • Have converted over two million pounds of glass into fiber optics

INCOM is a solution-oriented company. We invite you to contact us for more information, to inquire about OEM partnership opportunities, to visit our facility, or to explore job opportunities.

Community Involvement

Since 1975, INCOM has been a proud supporter of the United Way of Southbridge, Sturbridge, and Charlton. INCOM employees play a vital role in the organization through board membership as well as an annual internal company campaign. By contributing to the United Way, INCOM helps members of the local community who are in need of support services.

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