Solutions for Industry

Solutions for Industry

The World of Incom Fiber Optics

INCOM serves a growing number of markets with fiber optic components and comprehensive resources for co-development, customizing, and prototyping. Our partnership with OEMs allow us to make critical contributions to genetic, medical, dental, drug research, scientific, defense, and homeland security applications. INCOM components have been essential to the innovative technology emerging in these fields. Explore our site to learn more about the markets we serve and see why INCOM is the leader in commercial rigid, fused fiber optics.

Medical & Dental

Tapers and faceplates for the digital revolution in dental and medical X-ray technology. Also faceplates for arthroscopic digital X-rays; faceplates and tapers for digital mammography; taper arrays for full chest scans, lightguides and tapers for endoscope illuminators; fiber optic tips for epoxy-curing lights.


Tapers for digital detectors used in high-speed X-ray crystallography of protein structures. Also faceplates and image intensifier components for electron microscopy; tapers and faceplates for scientific cameras.

Defense & Homeland Security

Tapers and faceplates for the world’s best night vision systems: goggles, helmet-mounted displays, HUDs, cockpit displays, and cameras. Faceplates for microwell arrays and microcapillary array plates for bioterrorism detection systems.

Life Sciences

Microwell arrays for high-speed, high-sample density genetic sequencing to support advanced genome studies. Also microcapillary array plates for biological testing, flow cytometry, and pharmaceutical research.


Polymer or glass faceplates for LCDs used in the automotive and gaming industries and digital keyboards. These products enable seamless and dynamic programmable digital displays with tactile feedback.