Incom’s Custom Tapers and Arrays
Push the Boundaries of Scientific Applications

INCOM’s ability to create the world’s largest fused fiber optic tapers allows scientists to capture huge imaging areas with very high resolution. INCOM dominates the X-ray crystallography field because of this ability. By manufacturing tapers up to 200mm in diameter, INCOM’s OEM customers can create single-module cameras that can capture larger images than any other source.

Custom engineering processes at INCOM also allows our OEM partners to engineer solutions for specific needs. Taper arrays in various sizes and configurations continue to lead the push for larger and larger data collecting areas. Again, in X-ray crystallography, INCOM has worked with OEMs to develop arrays of several tapers and CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors in a multiple-module mosaic. These configurations allow for large-area imaging without the loss of any resolution capabilities.

Incom Tapers Outperform Optical Lenses
in CCD Coupling

When coupling to CCD cameras in electron microscopy, INCOM tapers create vacuum-tight seals and are five times more efficient than optical lens trains. In addition, INCOM fiber optic components can act as a barrier to protect the CCD surface from physical damage. They also allow for a larger active imaging area, from which the image can be minified and effectively transferred to the smaller CCD dimensions.

Incom tapers couple with CCD chips to facilitate large area imaging with the lowest distortion levels.