Fiber Optic Tapers Material Data

INCOM continues to be the leader in Large Diameter Fiber Optic Tapers (LDFOTs). We were the first to produce 135mm LDFOTs and we are the only company that produces 150mm to 200mm LDFOTs. INCOM’s patented state-of-the-art furnace design makes it possible to produce LDFOTs with near perfect image integrity. Also available is INCOM’s revolutionary MEGAdraw (zero-shear) process that provides distortion-free fiber optic material for all high quality taper requirements. All of our tapers can be custom designed to fit into any optical system. With our variety of CNC diamond grinding equipment, we can form even the most complex shapes.

Fiber Optic Taper Standard Specifications
IMAGING DIAMETER Up to 40mm Up to 100mm Up to 200mm
Material MLB57 BLS59-12 BLS59-18
Magnification Ratio 3:1 2% 4:1 2% 6:1 2%
Shear Distortion (max)* Zero .003″ .004″
Gross Distortion (max)* 1% 2% 2%

*Note: Values are for reference only.

When ordering tapers, please specify the following:

  • Large End & Small End Imaging Areas
  • Large End Mechanical Dimensions (Standard Tolerance .005″).
    Note: Allow .020″ minimum above imaging area for chamfers
  • Small End Mechanical Dimensions (Standard Tolerance .025″)
  • Fiber Length (Standard Tolerance .020″)

Please contact our sales department at 508-765-9151 or use our online submission form to discuss and design a fiber optic taper that will best suit your needs.