Microwell Arrays

Fiber optic microwell arrays support sensitive biological analyses and offer economic advantages over conventional arrays. Researchers use microwell arrays to gather high-speed, high-density direct contact data reliably from fluorescence- and luminescence-based assays.

INCOM mates fiber optic faceplates to standard 96-, 384-, and 1536-well microtiter plates, coats fiber optic faceplates with a polymer material using a photolithographic process and chemically removes fiber cores to specified depths. Scientists can specify well diameters, depths, and well-to-well spacings; each well can be interrogated by over 50 million optical fibers per square inch to provide exceptional resolution. INCOM’s fiber optic faceplates act as an image-plane transfer device in which the image is transferred from one side of the faceplate to the other. This enhances resolution and increases signal-to-noise ratio when compared to a conventional glass or polystyrene bottom.

Our Microwell Arrays are used in the Life Science industry.

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