Life Science

Custom-Made, Low-Cost
Microcapillary Array Plates

Microcapillary array plates consist of dense orderly arrays of flow-through capillaries. The plates are manufactured using our advanced glass drawing technology to produce hollow arrays in a range of cross sections, pore sizes, and lengths.

These cutting-edge plates are useful in a variety of analysis, sensing, and processing functions. Some of the applications benefiting from INCOM microcapillary array plates include:

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Bioterrorism Sensing
  • Photoreactive Analysis
  • Precision Filtration
  • Biological and Genetic Testing
  • Industrial Sensing

Aspect Ratio Flexibility,
Crosstalk Elimination

INCOM custom manufactures the microcapillary plates at low cost and perfectly matched to the application’s specifications. We can manufacture plates with an area as large as 15″ by 10″ and with capillaries as long as 10 inches.

We offer independent choices of capillary pitch and internal diameter (ID) with unprecedented flexibility in aspect ratio. In addition to clear glass, INCOM also offers capillary plates in black glass to eliminate crosstalk.

Our innovative capabilities remove economic and experimental design roadblocks associated with application development.

Custom designed to each application with unlimited thickness-to-diameter ratios, microcapillary array plates are valued not only for their crosstalk elimination, but also their mechanical properties.