Microcapillary Array Plates Detect Threats Quickly and Accurately

INCOM’s microcapillary array plates consist of dense orderly arrays of flow-through capillaries that are used in a wide variety of analysis, sensing, and processing functions, including bioterrorism-sensing and radiation detection. Since these new threats involve nano-quantities of deadly materials and trace elements of explosives and radiation, achieving the highest levels of analysis sensitivity is imperative.

INCOM’s microcapillary array plates enable minute quantities of biological matter and chemicals to be analyzed quickly due to the flow-through design. The chemically-resistant, medical-grade, borosilicate glass microtubes trap and channel elements of interest. Samples and reactive reagents can be introduced and removed quickly for fast, accurate analysis. In radiation testing, the massive number and minute size of the capillaries can capture neutrons given off by plutonium-240 and channel the neutrons for detection by sensors.

Precise Manufacturing Delivers
Dependable Results

INCOM’s microcapillary array plates are manufactured using advanced technology that delivers a number of advantages, including choice of capillary internal diameter (ID) and plate thickness, allowing for unprecedented flexibility in aspect ratio. INCOM can also embed optically-absorbing glass within each array plate, allowing for accurate optical interrogation of reactions without crosstalk from other capillaries.

With INCOM technology, all of these benefits are now available at a cost much less than traditional technology. Our engineers can help you determine the precise specs for your application, and our advanced processes will ensure that you are satisfied with the result.

Incom’s low-cost, custom-made microcapillary array plates remove the experimental design roadblocks associated with application development.