Over 35 Years of Experience
Means the Highest Quality Lightguides

Since 1973, INCOM has manufactured over one million lightguides for curing tips. That experience means that we have become experts in meeting the rigorous standards of our customers and have been able to develop lightguides customized to any standards. We can create specific tip angles, and our rigorous testing system means that we can also meet demand for specific spectral transmission levels.

Our tips provide reliable and consistent performance; they are durable enough to withstand autoclaving and cold sterilization. Since INCOM maintains 3-year inventories of glass formulations, the curing tips we make for you years from now will perform exactly like the ones we make for you today. Our technical staff has developed tips that are optimized for typical curing wavelengths and that transfer practically all energy from the light source.

Spectral Transmission Optimization

The graph below illustrates our core fiber optic material optimized for superior spectral transmission.

INCOM has provided more fiber optic lightguides for dental curing guns than any other manufacturer. Our methods and manufacturing techniques have proven us the industry leader again and again. Our team is ready to help you with specialized configurations for new types of curing and whitening lights.

Incom has been the leading provider of fiber optic tips for over 20 years.