Incom Inverters – Another Critical Component
to Night Vision Technology

INCOM’s fiber optic inverters are the vital output component in image intensifier tubes. Since night vision devices use an objective lens that flips the images upside-down, an inverter is needed to make the image useful to the soldier wearing the eyepiece. Our fiber optic inverters need only 15 mm of distance to flip inverted images right-side up, promoting short, compact systems.

Advantages of Fiber Optic Inverters

An inverter is a specific type of fiber optic plate that rotates an image through a predetermined angle. In the case of the inverters in night vision goggles, the angle is 180°. Inverters have many advantages over conventional lens systems, including speed, compactness, light weight, absence of lens aberrations, precise control of the image rotation angle and near-elimination of optical realignment caused by thermal expansion. Using inverters and other INCOM components in night vision systems means that the nation’s defense forces have access to simple, lightweight, and compact systems that provide dependable service when–and where–they are needed most.