BFE89-6 Data Sheet
Index of Core: 1.63
Index of Clad: 1.48
Theoretical Core Percentage: 75%
EMA Design: Enhanced Statistical
Fiber Size: 6-8µm
MEGAdraw: no
Blockpress: yes
Numerical Aperature: 0.66
Density: 3.27 g/cm3
Thermal Expansion: 90.8 (0-300C)(x 10-7/C)
Thermal Conductivity:
(across fiber end) 0.822 W/m-K
(across length of fiber) 0.796 W/m-K
Specific Heat:
(across fiber end) 0.563 J/g-K
(across length of fiber) 0.560 J/g-
Thermal Diffusivity:
(across fiber end) 0.00439 cm2/s
(across length of fiber) 0.00427 cm2/s
Young’s Modulus: 60.94 Gpa
Poisson’s Ratio: 0.23
Shear Modulus: 24.82 Gpa

Note: Values are for reference only.