Incom Faceplates Protect Sensors
from X-Rays and Improve Image Quality

INCOM is proud to be a contributor to the digital revolution in X-ray technology. Fiber optic technology makes new intraoral X-ray and panoramic digital imaging possible, and INCOM components make both more effective.

Extending the Life of CCD
and CMOS Sensors

As a leading supplier of fiber optic faceplates for digital imaging applications, INCOM is well aware of the problems that OEMs face as long-term exposure to X-rays damages X-ray detectors (such as CCD and CMOS chips) and background “noise” degrades their effectiveness. INCOM engineers have optimized the glass thickness and formulations of our dental faceplates to now shield digital sensors from 99.9% of the X-ray dose. This advancement heightens image quality and extends the life of CCD or CMOS sensors.

INCOM’s chemists continue to develop new fiber optic substrates and research their effects on X-rays. As an industry service, INCOM has published a technical paper on the subject available at no cost. Please contact us to find out more.

Faceplates for Digital Dental Radiography

Our versatility in faceplate manufacturing allows us to develop faceplates small enough for intraoral X-rays or large enough for panoramic X-rays of jaws and teeth. In intraoral imaging, INCOM’s thin, rectangular faceplates serve as links between an X-ray imaging screen and a CMOS detector. Since space is at a premium, only fiber optics can function in this way and still fit comfortably in a patient’s mouth.

Large strip faceplates can capture a full-mouth image in one scan, making panoramic digital imaging possible. The images are also unmatched in resolution and clarity, while INCOM products remain easy-to-use and comfortable for both patients and technicians.

The most advanced X-ray systems have Incom faceplates for unprecedented image resolution and ease of use.