Advanced Processes

Advanced Manufacturing to Advance Technology

INCOM’s fused fiber optic technology is some of the most advanced in the world. As a result, INCOM is the only manufacturer that can create tapers up to 200mm in diameter – the world’s largest. These fused fiber optic tapers can shrink an image from 200mm to 33mm with the ultra precision required for scientific cameras, image intensifiers, and other sophisticated research tools. Read on to learn more about how INCOM’s innovative manufacturing techniques are advancing fiber optic technology and its applications.

Turning Solid Glass Into Millions of Glass Fibers

INCOM’s “multidraw” and “multi-multidraw” processes allow for glass to be drawn into fibers and fused together to form a solid mass. These fibers, with diameters equal to about four wavelengths of visible light, act like pipes that transfer light and images from one end of the “pipe” to the other. The process used to turn solid glass into millions of individual glass fibers can be seen below:

Incom Advanced Process

  1. Fiber Single Draw – Glass is heated and drawn under tension into a single clad fiber.
  2. Fiber Multi Draw – Single fibers are bundled, heated, and drawn.
  3. Fiber Multi-Multi Draw – Multi fibers are bundled, heated, and drawn.
  4. Block Assembly – Drawn glass is stacked in pressing block.
  5. Block Pressing – Block is treated with heat and pressure.
  6. Block Forming – Block is cut to exact customer specifications.

Our revolutionary MEGAdraw® process, which is exclusive to INCOM, yields the most blemish-free fused fiber optic components available today with zero distortion. This sophisticated manufacturing process can achieve multi-multifibers up to 60mm diameter.

Incom has two Meyer Burger model #4 DS-264 wire saws with a modified cutting envelope of 10.750″ square. They will accept ingots of up to 32.283″ long, and utilize a continuous loop of Diamond Wire.